Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Sacred Heart RC Primary School


At Sacred Heart School you are among friends. We learn together in an understanding environment because we know that everyone is important to us and to Our Father in heaven.

We believe that the world is an exciting place and we want the children and the adults in school to be able to explore it together. This means that we want to set the highest standards for our learners and our teachers so that we can achieve all that is possible.

We know that some subject areas are essential skills that we need for life and we set ourselves high standards of achievement in Literacy and Mathematics. But we are also passionate about the world of learning and want our children to build upon the learning journey they have begun at home so that they will become learners for life.

Because everyone is different we have to design a curriculum that allows us to celebrate our differences. And as we all have different experiences our school provides a broad range of activities to make sure everyone has similar opportunities. Our learning should be enjoyable, interactive and allow us to succeed. Learning should happen within the classroom but outside too, so that our teachers can share with us a whole range of different experiences. We will use technology in school and to allow us to continue to learn at home. We like to work with the support of parents and other adults and to share ideas and information across a wider community.

We hope that everyone at Sacred Heart has the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a safe and caring environment. Here they will have the opportunity to enjoy their learning through learning opportunities designed with excellence in mind.

The 21st century needs people who can work together so we work in a collaborative way with each other. Learning is our principal calling and so we encourage all the adults to develop their own skills and continue on their own learning journey.

We want to recognise every success that our children make in their time at Sacred Heart whilst also setting great goals in everything we do. Sometimes things go wrong and it is imperative that we put this right. We know by recognising our mistakes we can grow stronger together.

As we all need to know how to reflect upon our behaviour we ask the children to review their performance against the Heart of Sacred Heart. This is our code for school life built upon our core values and our mission statement. It teaches us that loving one another is a challenge to aspire to everyday but a challenge that is worth pursuing.

At our school we learn about responsibility. We are responsible for all that happens in school and for making sure we keep it a great place to be. We are responsible for ourselves and for one another. We are responsible for celebrating the differences of each other and of all the people we meet because it is this difference that makes our world an exciting place to be.

We know that we are all made like God and that he is at the centre of our lives. He has a plan for us, he had this plan before we were born and he has a plan for everyone. By listening to him and following his way we will be able to love one another and make the right decisions based upon his way.