Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Sacred Heart RC Primary School

School Development

School Development at Sacred Heart

At Sacred Heart we evaluate our performance regularly to ensure we continue to improve. Our mission is to ensure our pupils

Love God

Love one another

Love our world

And love learning

Our vision is to ensure that everyone at our school is encouraged to be the best that they can be.

Our priorities for the coming year are given below.

  • Meeting the standards of the 2014 curriculum:

  • Improving the quality of teaching in mathematics so that a greater proportion of pupils make rapid progress in the subject

Pupils achieve well at the end of year 6 and we are delighted with pupil’s attainment this year. Building upon the development of mathematics last year we would like to improve mathematics attainment across all year groups and particularly at the end of key stage 1.

  • Developing assessment systems are refined so that progress, particularly in mathematics, can be tracked as thoroughly as attainment

Assessing without levels has now been in place for one academic year. This year we would like to build upon new systems of assessment to manage pupil’s progress more effectively.

  • Improving the quality of writing so that a greater proportion of pupils make rapid progress in the subject

Standards in writing have risen as a result of the new curriculum, we have a thorough understanding of those new demands and want to ensure that teaching and learning meets those aims.


  • Achieving the science mark to improve teaching and learning to consistently good

Science is an important subject for many reasons but particularly because it allows pupils to investigate and experiment. It also allows pupils to learn that there isn’t always a right answer and that sometimes we need to make predictions or hypothesise on the outcomes of experiments. 

This year we want to make science active, exciting, engaging, interesting and fun. We want our teaching, learning and assessment to enable our pupils to create and direct their own investigations. We are working towards the science mark to help us meet this aim.


  • Improving the quality of religious education to consistently good

Focusing on expected outcomes we hope to raise the standards in religious education by assessing pupil’s work more carefully. Then using assessment information to enable pupils to make rapid progress.


  • Governors improve their effectiveness further by seeking external opinions to validate the information they are given by the school’s senior leaders and by developing their understanding of published school assessment information

Governors have a good understanding of how the school is performing. They are actively engaged in the school’s development and challenge leadership to maintain high standards. Recent changes in educational assessment and reporting means that governors need training and validation of school data.


  • Improving the school environment and expanding the provision to 420 pupils

Since our building work is nearly completed we are working hard to ensure the school is furnished and resourced to meet our needs. We will focus on improving our outside space to ensure the environment is suitable for all our pupils. We are planning to improve  the playground and associated spaces