Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Sacred Heart RC Primary School

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Each class is named after a saint which the class keeps for their whole time at the school. Click on the links below to find each class's timetable, curriculum plan and topic plan. Each term this will be updated to reflect what we are currently doing.
Nursery – Mary, Mother of God Teacher: Emma Piercy
  1. Nursery Timetable
  3. Nursery Autumn Curriculum Plan
  5. Nursery Spring Curriculum Plan
  7. Nursery Summer Curriculum Plan

Nursery Topic Plan

Nursery - St Joseph Teacher: Michelle Flood
Reception – St Gabriel Teacher: Sophie Traveller

Reception Topic Plan

Reception - St Michael

Teacher: Jaime Byast
Year 1 – St Paul Teacher: Larry Bragard

Year 1 Topic Plan



Year 1 - St Peter



Teacher: Hannah Wallen
Year 2 – St Bernadette Teacher: Colleen Elvidge
Year 2 - Our Lady of Lourdes Teacher: Emma Stevens
Year 3 – St Philip Teacher: Samuel Bevan


Year 4 – St Anthony Teacher: Jane Spenceley
Year 5 – St Felicity Teacher: Des Tallon
Year 6 – St Brigid Teachers: Michaela Dillon